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A team at work!

They are the territorial agents of our municipality, we owe them the quality of the reception at the town hall, the keeping of files, the maintenance of the public space,  the quality of life of children in nursery school.

We would like to thank them for their interpersonal skills and their know-how!

OLIVIER Valérie secrétaire à la mairie d
Kévin ANGLÈS.png
ALGAY Alain agent technique à la mairie
LOCHE Marie France cuisinière à la mairi
GORSE Aubéline cuisinière à la mairie de
FERNANDES Christine ATSEM à la mairie de
DUMAS Emilie ATSEM à la mairie de saint pardoux l'ortigier.png
BARDON Sylvie ATSEM à la mairie de saint
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